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IFS is an independent private laboratory specializing in Bloodstainpattern analysis, Touch-DNA analysis, Forensic Pathology, Crime scene reconstruction and Cytochrome P450 analysis. IFS has outstanding experience from crime scene investigation to biological trace recovery. The ultimate goal is truth finding.

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3D Crime scene reconstruction

  • Trajectory shooting

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  • Aaron Hernandez
    Aaron Hernandez case

Bloodstain pattern analysis

IFS uses bloodstain pattern analysis to test hypotheses that can explain some of the facts of a possible criminal offense

Medication related violence

CYP450 - What is it that the pharmaceutical industry keeps hidden from us? IFS uses DNA research to investigate the relation between medication and involuntary intoxication

Touch DNA

IFS is specialized in so-called “Touch-DNA”; minimum amounts of DNA (“low template DNA”) left when force is applied. We have over 10 years experience

About IFS

IFS’s forensic team performs forensic case work and DNA and forensic medical work. The equipment used at IFS is state of the art, well maintained and validated according to international ISO-17025 and ASCLD/LAB standards. Due to our broad knowledge and expertise, IFS is able to be flexible and case-specific to obtain optimal results.

Richard Eikelenboom

DNA-director and forensic scientist specializing in DNA trace recovery and bloodstain pattern analysis.

Selma Eikelenboom-Schieveld

Medical Director and educated welfare worker with ten years of experience in psychotherapeutic treatment.

IFS Team

Due to our broad knowledge and expertise, IFS is able to be flexible and case-specific to obtain optimal results.

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Biological Trace Recovery

The Intercept: After decades on death row William Montgomery was granted a reprieve. Yet his dubious conviction still stands.

Posted By Richard Eikelenboom

In this article in the Intercept more background information about the case is given. Also the opinions of the scientists, police, lawyers and DA’s are stated, which makes this a very interesting article.

Biological Trace Recovery

W.T. Montgomery death sentence commuted by governor Kasich

Posted By Richard Eikelenboom

This morning, the Governor signed a warrant of commutation for Inmate Montgomery commuting his death sentence to life in prison without the possibility of parole.
Selma Eikelenboom-Schieveld wrote a report on time of death on the victim Debra Ogle. She found out that Ogle was

Biological Trace Recovery

Too much doubt to execute W.T. Montgomery, please sign this petition

Posted By Richard Eikelenboom

Please sign this petition.
As a forensic scientist I normally do not get involved in petitions and politics, but in this case there is so much at stake and in order to find the truth W.T. Montgomery should not be killed on April 11, 2018.