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Criminalistic interpretation

Independent Forensic Services Criminalistic interpretation

Criminalistic interpretation

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The findings of organic (contact) traces of a person at a crime scene do not imply, in principle, anything about his or her involvement in the crime. In each case it should be determined whether the found traces are or are not “crime related”.


Provided that the information regarding the context of a case has been provided, the experts at IFS can make statements about the probability that a certain action or event occurred based on the technical findings of the case. Under these circumstances, the expert can go from the “source level” (i.e. from whom the DNA came), to the “activity level” (i.e. how the DNA ended up at the location).

Ultimately it is up to the judge or jury, after taking note of the complete file, to determine the final value of the evidence on the “offense level”, whether the accused is guilty or not of the crime.