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CSI game

CSI game

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What happened here?

IFS provides an interactive game for seminars and events that can be played using an app on the participants own smartphone. The participants are asked to think and act as a forensic expert. The case that has to be solved is actually investigated by IFS. During the game, different studies may be carried out that lie within the areas of expertise of IFS, such as biological traces, DNA and forensic medical examination, bloodspatterpattern analysis, crime scene reconstruction and cytochrome P450 research.

The theme in the example that is used is: ‘ Is it murder or suicide? ‘ and describes a case involving the wife of the victim being the suspect, while the defense argues that the victim comited suicide.

The game in the app can (partly) be played prior to the event and be continued during the day that the event takes place. Experts from IFS can explain the case and assist participants who have questions about this case or about forensic research in general. Realtime answers and participants scores are tracked so that there is also a competition element. Fun and educational!