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Cytochrome P450

Cytochrome P450

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IFS comes first in examining the relationship between psychoactive medication and involuntary intoxication. In the treatment of mental disorders (such as anxiety disorders and depression) a variety of medication is used.

Many of these medications and many other exterior materials are converted by enzymes of the cytochrome P450 System. A DNA polymorphism on cytochrome P450 genes can be the cause of certain medications and substances not or not properly being translated. The side effects can be so serious that a toxic psychosis or delirium or akathisia arises. Toxicity by psychoactive medication can cause vague symptoms of restlessness, anxiety and nightmares to a state of fully developed akathisia were extreme violence, murder, homicide and suicide takes place. IFS performs DNA testing on the cytochrome P450 system to determine the genetic defects. We interpret the results in combination with the medication taken and lay it down in a forensic medical report. This allows a lawyer to make a case in court for involuntary intoxication.

On the website www.cyp450.nl you can find more information on this subject.

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