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Holly Moore case gets international attention

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Holly Moore case gets international attention

Posted By Richard Eikelenboom

The Daily Mail picked up the Holly Moore case.

The case does now get international attention. It is a pity though that not more facts are mentioned in the article. That a pathologist cut a collar bone at one side as a normal procedure is ridiculous. Her left hand was caught in the strangulation cord. On pictures before the autopsy a dent is visible on her collar bone. She had several other injuries on her face which are not explained well with suicide. Furthermore, the strangulation mark was horizontal instead of vertical which one would expect with a hanging. These facts should be enough to investigate this case as a homicide.  We are waiting on a report with results of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. They never requested the evidence we collected, which is not a good sign considering that the crime scene investigation was performed poorly.

Here is another article with more information.

To be continued….

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