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The judge in the Casey Anthony case makes wrong assumption (2017)

Independent Forensic Services Crime Scene Reconstruction, Forensic Medical Investigation, IFS Articles, Touch DNA The judge in the Casey Anthony case makes wrong assumption (2017)

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The judge in the Casey Anthony case makes wrong assumption (2017)

Posted By Richard Eikelenboom

Comments by Richard Eikelenboom

In this article from CNN the former judge makes the assumption that the Caylee Marie Anthony was killed by accident with an overdose of chloroform. According to him this was proven by high levels of chloroform in the trunk of her car. Problem is that chloroform is highly volatile and it evaporates quickly. By the time the car was investigated there is no chance that the chloroform would be still present from the incident in which Caylee was killed. In the case against Casey Anthony a lot questions were left open. There was no cause and time of death. There was no proper touch DNA investigation performed and evidence was contaminated. Selma and I worked for the defense in this case and the defense requested the evidence for a touch DNA investigation.

Selma Eikelenboom Henry Lee and Tim Huntington investigate evidence in the Casey Anthony case

This investigation was blocked by the DA and this judge. I am always suspicious of parties who want block DNA investigations. We see that a lot in miscarriages of justice. There are strong indications that there is something wrong with the evidence or the trial and the DA’s are fighting against new DNA investigations. If you have nothing to hide and you are sure Casey did kill her child: Give us the evidence!! The touch DNA could have hurt the defense case if she was the only person involved in this incident. By blocking the touch DNA investigation the DA and the judge prevented the only chance of the truth to come out…..




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