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Touch DNA

Touch DNA

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IFS is specialized in so-called “Touch-DNA”; minimum amounts of DNA (“low template DNA”) left when force is applied. We have over 20 years of experience in finding these traces on pieces of evidence. After recovering them and extracting DNA from them.

Interpreting the often complex DNA profiles generated from low template DNA is an expertise in itself. Due to our experience we are better capable of performing interpretations on obtained complex mixed profiles. Putting all the DNA results in the context of the case gives more information about the activities that could have taken place during the crime. Besides Touch DNA IFS has a lot of experience with all other forms of forensic human DNA testing. Detecting and recovery of samples from stains containing: semen, vaginal cell material, blood, urine, saliva, bone, hairs etc.
IFS is a reliable and impartial forensic laboratory, dedicated to providing the truth in all cases.


We have very moderate prices compared to other laboratories. Our hourly fee is $200. Prices for DNA profiling are charged separately. Often with touch DNA the samples do not contain DNA or they do contain DNA from a female victim while the client is looking for a male perpetrator. With Real-Time PCR we determine whether or not DNA is present and if male and/or female DNA is present. If no DNA is present or it seems to be only victim DNA, the DNA investigation can be stopped. We then charge $200 for the investigation. If the client wants to continue the investigation to get an actual DNA profile which can be compared with victim’s, suspects and other persons of interest. We charge $500 per profile. IFS has several very DNA kits which can be used for different samples. If enough DNA is present a “standard” DNA kit can be used like the IdentifilerPlus DNA kit. If there is a very small amount of DNA present in a sample than a more sensitive DNA kit can be used like the MiniFiler. Furthermore, if there is a lot of DNA (most of the time blood) of a female victim is present in a sample and it is believed that a male is the perpetrator than a Y-chromosomal DNA kit can be used. This type of kit only detects DNA from males and the female DNA will not be amplified during the PCR reaction. Sometimes we use different DNA kits per sample. For every DNA profile $500 is charged. During the investigations, the client will be updated regularly. A basic explanation about DNA testing you find here. Besides touch DNA we perform test on all other types human biological samples like blood, saliva, semen, bones, etc. We charge the same price for these samples. The prices for DNA profiling stay the same. For very old bones and very difficult samples like on clothing of severely burned victims, often more time is needed for DNA extraction. A separate financial agreement will be made for this type of samples. So, in short:

Hourly fee is $200

Real time PCR $200

One DNA profile $500

Some examples of Touch DNA cases IFS worked on (click on the image for more information)

  • David Camm case