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Transcript of Abraha and Gebreyohannes case: Comments by Richard Eikelenboom

Independent Forensic Services IFS Articles Transcript of Abraha and Gebreyohannes case: Comments by Richard Eikelenboom
Transcript of Abraha and Gebreyohannes case: Comments by Richard Eikelenboom

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Transcript of Abraha and Gebreyohannes case: Comments by Richard Eikelenboom

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The transcript of the case.

This was the case in which Denver DA Mitch Morrissy claimed that I admitted not having performed DNA extractions and DNA analysis.

The Denver DA in this case Dawn Weber used transcripts from other cases, like Casey Anthony, David Camm and Tim Kennedy in which I testified. Those cases were huge compared to this alleged rape case. The problem with transcripts is that I never get to verify and agree on what is written down. In this case, there is a very easy mistake. I said that I testified about 90 times as mentioned in my CV. The court reporter wrote down about 19. That is a heck of difference. 

English is not my first language therefore it is understandable that court reporters get it wrong sometimes. Besides that, I speak very fast which makes it even more difficult for a court reporter to understand me. Sometimes the court reporter in this case abbreviated the Netherlands Forensic Institute to the Netherlands. The DA was talking about my time at the Netherlands forensic Institute not about the time after 2005 when I left the Institute and I was still living in the Netherlands. Below you can see that the way of questioning was not very friendly. Often you can not answer the question correctly with a yes or no, if for instance you don’t know the context of the question. This case proves that the Denver Da’s will explain my answers in the way they want to see it, even if it is not true.

The Denver DA’s said I admitted that I had no experience in DNA extraction and DNA analysis. The text below show my answer to one the questions.

The text above means that I also do DNA extraction and DNA analysis since 2005. I do not know what the Denver DA’s and the judge don’t understand about this. But maybe this got lost in translation as well. Then about admitting failing the proficiency test. The DA comes with that. My answer in the transcript is shown below. I think that this answer is clear.

At one point the judge asked the DA and the defense lawyers to his table and then they talked about something which I could not hear. Reading the transcript, I still don’t understand exactly what is going on. The way I read it he did not hear enough of my qualifications. If this is correct than it is up to the defense to make my qualifications more clear. This case was very small compared to the Casey Anthony and David Camm cases.  In those cases much more time was spend on qualifying me and much more time was spend by the DA’s in order to get me disqualified. In the Camm case I even had to go through a Daubert hearing about the methods that I used. This Daubert hearing we won. I spend days on the stand in those cases. The defense in this case was rushed because the case had to be ended the next day and I did not get to explain my qualifications because the defense had no further questions. I think that was absurd and the defense should never have stopped.

Another big mistake made by the defense, was that my resume was not given to the court as an exhibit. That would help to prove that the judge made a mistake by blocking my testimony.

There is much more but I am not going to write about all issues which come up out of this transcript. You can read the transcript yourself here.

I think we can conclude that the Denver DA’s fabricated the story for the news networks because they don’t like me to investigate their cases. That they damage my reputation is not only sad for defense lawyers but also for the police forces for which we work. Cases like those of  Michelle Lawless and the Kristin O’Connell. For now I stop with talking about the Denver DA’s, because I have to go work on the case of Aaron Hernandez….




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