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Trent Forensics hosts Dutch scientists

Independent Forensic Services IFS Articles Trent Forensics hosts Dutch scientists
Trent Forensics hosts Dutch scientists

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Trent Forensics hosts Dutch scientists

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Trent Forensics Society Hosts Dutch Forensic Scientists, Richard and Sema Eikelenboom

The Trent Forensic Science Society had the pleasure of hosting a lecture from renowned international forensic scientists Selma and Richard Eikelenboom for the Trent and Peterborough community on Tuesday, February 26. The Eikelenbooms are the founders of Independent Forensic Services, a private company based in the Netherlands.

Selma Eikelenboom began the lecture from her background as a medical doctor and coroner, introducing wound identification and post mortem interval and analysis. She highlighted different types of common injuries and patterns from lacerations to chopping wounds. She also presented more unique cases with confounding evidence, inviting constant interaction from the audience.

Next, Richard Eikelenboom presented the more technical aspects of evidence analysis using DNA and blood pattern analysis. He focused on the different sources of DNA, and the advantages and challenges of DNA extraction from different cells. He also covered different techniques such as fluorescent lighting and luminol. He stressed the importance of effectively finding and using DNA in real cases to have the most weight in the judicial process.

The Eikelenbooms showed the differences and similarities of the investigation process across the world. They emphasized the importance of thinking like a criminal, despite the aversion, to effectively solve cases. Through the dynamic presentation of real cases, the lecture demanded unique thought and interaction from an eager audience. The Eikelenbooms also have an exceptional ability to keep such a heavy and potentially disturbing topic relatively light and interesting in an educational manner.

The Forensic Society is proud to have had the opportunity to offer such expert knowledge to the community. It is the goal of the Society to continue to foster a greater knowledge and appreciation for real forensic science from the perspective of those active in the field, as opposed to the accounts generally given by the media and entertainment industry.

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